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UNITOM x FIMS: Zines from Salford's Fashion Students

UNITOM x FIMS: Zines from Salford's Fashion Students

In February UNITOM welcomed Salford University’s Fashion Image Making and Styling students into the store to launch a pop-up shop of unique handmade products alongside a collection of zines. 
Store managers Tim and Ieva worked with course leaders to set briefs for the students and the best zines and products were selected to be sold in UNITOM giving the students industry experience and a chance to sell their work in a professional, real-world setting.
“Working alongside Salford University and the FIMS students on these two projects is a real joy. The briefs are designed to give the students creative freedom to follow their passion and when combined with Dan and Christine’s (FIMS course leaders) enthusiasm and encouragement, the results are truly exciting! It’s so satisfying to see the students find their voice and begin to forge their future careers, landing exciting placements with publications like Purple and 032C off the back of this work.” 
The pop-up shop included everything from boxers to candlesticks, knitwear to headwear, a hand-shaped tufted rug to a single ceramic crisp! We remain in awe of students’ creativity and imagination. It was great fun to meet the makers and throw a launch party for them in UNITOM.
Zines from this project are still available in store and on our website. There are zines focused on mental health, activism, extreme makeup, queer culture, intimate family portraits, hometown photography, red hair, and much more! We are really proud to present this diverse selection of work:
1. A Celebration of Red Hair - Maddie Keech
2. A Profound Feeling - Ella Douglas
3. Don't Do Anything Stupid - Imogen Hall
4. Dosser - Amy Mennell
5. Homosapien - Lewis Stratton
6. Keeping Up Appearances - Hannah Bailey
7. Leave Tulisa Alone - Kyle Harris
8. The Market Town - May Vaughan
9. The Wave - Gabriela Malagowska
10. Voyeurism - Cain Garcia
11. Wazza Dynamite - Morgan Ambler
12. You Don't Look Gay - Angelica Giles
13. And She Lived - Molly-Mae Rafferty
14. Joyful Disruption - Claudia Divito
15. Sapphyr - Han Barkley
16. Bender -  Liam Elliot
17. Shawe View- Michael Nicklin
19. LAN –  Kian Rowland

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