8 Best Art Magazines To Read In 2023

8 Best Art Magazines To Read In 2023

As the vibrant and ever-evolving world of art continues to captivate enthusiasts, staying informed about the latest trends, artists, and exhibitions is essential. To help you navigate the vast art landscape, we've made a list of the 8 best art magazines to read in Winter 2023. Whether you're an artist, an avid collector, or simply an art lover, these magazines are sure to provide you with a dose of inspiration, insight, and visual delight.

Mousse Magazine
1. Mousse

Mousse, a Milan-based magazine established in 2006, stands as a leading contemporary art publication, offering a unique lens through which to explore the currents of contemporary culture. With four annual issues, it presents a blend of interviews, conversations, essays, and feature columns contributed by influential figures in international criticism, as well as emerging talents who are shaping the cultural dialogue. In addition to its magazine, Mousse Publishing serves as an editorial platform, publishing numerous catalogues, monographs, and artists' books.
In its Autumn 2023 issue Mousse presents a thought-provoking essay series by Cally Spooner on the "Hypothesis of Resistance," delves into a comprehensive survey of artist Donald Rodney, offers captivating fiction by Emily LaBarge, and showcases monograph columns by Mitchell Anderson and Dora Budor.

Cura Magazine
2. Cura.

CURA., founded in 2009, is a dynamic platform encompassing a magazine, a publishing house, and an exhibition program. The bi-annual magazine serves as an ever-evolving exhibition space, presenting contemporary visual arts through conversations, visual essays, critical texts, and experimental lab projects.
In its latest issue, CURA. #41, "New World Agency," for Autumn/Winter 2023, the magazine investigates the transformative potential of art and artists in shaping alternative futures and new worlds. Through an exploration of various media and technologies, from AI and CGI to animatronics and analogue tools, the issue examines how artists envision new possible worlds and modes of agency for the future, where mythology, technology, pop culture, and magic interweave to create imaginative realities.

ArtReview magazine

ArtReview, one of the oldest-running art magazines, has been a vital monthly resource for art enthusiasts since 1949. It offers comprehensive coverage of the latest exhibitions, art fairs, and provides insightful analysis of the art market and the politics that shape the art world. This renowned publication is dedicated to expanding the reach of contemporary art and considering its interactions with broader culture.
In the November 2023 issue, ArtReview delves into the concept of avatars and their duality as both self and other. Readers can find a write-up about Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran's solo exhibition, highlighting his vibrant sculptures that reimagine sculpture as a dynamic form. Two essays on 'Art and Class' offer fresh insights into how class impacts representation and means of production, while interviews with artists and fashion designers, along with analyses of literature and the evolving art world, round out the issue. ArtReview is an essential read for those intrigued by the intricate tapestry of contemporary art and culture.

Spike Art Magazine

Spike Magazine, under the artistic direction of Rita Vitorelli, is celebrated for its original exploration of contemporary art and culture, pushing the boundaries of discourse and sparking engaging conversations. Founded in 2004 in Vienna, Spike is now a Berlin-based quarterly publication. Thriving on independent, meaningful, and accessible art criticism, it welcomes polemics, meditations, and concise answers to pressing questions, breaking from tradition.
With its latest issue, #77: AI, which attempts to decode artificial intelligence's influence on creativity, labour, and politics, Spike continues to be a must-read for those intrigued by the intersection of technology and art, cementing its position as a pioneering force in contemporary art discourse, providing a platform to discover an extraordinary array of creative expressions and ideas.

emergent magazine

émergent, a refreshing presence in the world of art publications, is an advocate for emerging artists. Founded in 2017 by Albert Riera Galceran and Reuben Beren James, émergent distinguishes itself by defying conventional boundaries and celebrating the rich diversity of contemporary art. Its recent evolution from a "contemporary painting magazine" to an "artists' magazine" underscores its dedication to embracing artists from various mediums and backgrounds. In each issue, readers are invited to engage with intimate artist dialogues, profiles and studio visits, placing the artists and their creative narratives in the spotlight. émergent's consistent design approach, which amplifies artists' voices, positions it as an indispensable resource for those seeking fresh and innovative perspectives in the realm of contemporary art. Additionally, you can read an interview with the editors on our Journal, providing insights into the magazine's origins and visions.

Ursula Magazine

Ursula magazine is a visually stunning, large-format publication from the art gallery Hauser & Wirth. The name 'Ursula' pays homage to the gallery's co-founder, Ursula Hauser, whose vision and commitment to supporting emerging artists has always been at the heart of the gallery's mission.  In the pages of 'Ursula,' readers will find a diverse array of artists who are part of Hauser & Wirth's roster - both established names and up-and-coming talents, all showcased in a stunning, thought-provoking way. Each issue centres around a specific theme, with the latest edition, 'Takesada Matsutani's Paris' for Autumn/Winter 2023, exploring the city's influence on contemporary art.

Frieze Magazine

Published 8 times a year, Frieze, one of the most famous contemporary art and culture magazines, made its debut in 1991 and has since evolved into a leading publication, renowned for its insightful essays, reviews, and columns contributed by some of today's most innovative writers. With a remarkable three-decade journey, Frieze has transitioned from its indie roots to its current status as a preeminent source for contemporary art and culture.  In addition to its influential magazine, the Frieze brand has extended its influence by organising prestigious art fairs in London, Seoul, New York, and Los Angeles.
Their latest issue, November/December 2023, invites readers to ponder the role of artificial intelligence in art, featuring a roundtable discussion that explores technology's potential to revolutionise and disrupt the art world.

Blau International

Blau International is a globally-minded magazine that offers an extensive view of contemporary art, embracing artists and movements from diverse corners of the world. While the German edition has long been a staple in the art world, Blau International takes a more extensive approach, presenting a global perspective on contemporary art in 2019.  Each issue of Blau offers readers access to the studios of influential artists, profiles collectors and key figures behind the scenes, and highlights the relevance of past art epochs. With its unique blend of content and a global perspective, Blau International invites readers to explore the art world, from past masters to contemporary icons, making it an ideal choice for art lovers and collectors alike.


Dive into the diverse realms of contemporary art with these magazines, each offering a unique lens on the ever-evolving landscape, ensuring a fascinating read for art enthusiasts and creators alike. Let us know which art magazines you're most excited to read about!

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