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Tony Caramanico has lived many lives. A competitive surfer, TV producer, surf shop owner, astute traveler, apprentice and artist, few have experienced more phases of surfing’s development than Tony. Unlike more established sports, surfing’s pop cultural adoption began largely in the 50s and 60s. While unfortunately a dying breed, those who’ve played a key role in its development are still around to impart their wisdom. Steeped in experience, their stories of a time before surfing’s commercialization told with an off the cuff “you should have been there” attitude are relatable to all in search of freedom from today’s hyper regimented world. With memories rooted in empty white sand beaches, hard yard travel and the endless pursuit of new sensation, surfing’s OGs constantly inspire ideas of an untethered existence.

This book will be predominantly composed of Tony’s art as these pieces are literal representations of his surfing life. These legible journals will provide a unique window into what the day to day of a traveling surfer in the 70s 80s and 90s was like. The book chronicles Tony’s surfing youth, features art pieces highlighting marquee works from his thousands of entries. The book contains Tony’s journals along with photos of his highly lauded 100+ piece surfboard collection.

An important aspect of this book will be Tony speaking to his time apprenticing for Peter Beard, his experience living on Peter’s compound and the direct ties between Peter and Tony’s art.