Tonic #6 - Going Bananas!

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Tonic #6 - Going Bananas!

A heady cocktail of drink, travel and adventure 

Tonic Volume 6 has a specially commissioned cover art by Gianluca Cannizzo. 

What's inside?

There is a lot of terroir talk in Tonic Volume 6, and some of it is pretty surprising, including our specially commissioned cover art by Gianluca Cannizzo. 

We join Kate Wickers in Rwanda as she hunts for banana beer, the inspiration behind our cover image, and we plunge into the depths of the Bay of Biscay with Alex Green on a quest for wine hidden beneath the sea. Robin McKelvie traverses the Isle of Islay, where the land's rugged beauty shapes the character of its whiskies. Katja Gaskell takes us to Normandy, where she indulges in the region's renowned cider, and Carol Wright unearths some of the secrets and fascinating history of Sherry. 

Susan Schwartz invites us to hop in the saddle as she weaves an unusual tale about a horse, the Epsom Derby, Kentucky, The Beatles, Cambridge University, and whisky. We discover the timeless charm of Liverpool's iconic pubs with Will Hawkes while Emmie Harrison West sheds light on being a Woman in the Beer Industry. 

Tim Bird leads the charge on wine and attempts to reshape perceptions of Denmark as a wine-producing nation. Abigail Blasi charts the evolution of Cambodian wine. At the same time, Andrew Church explores the burgeoning Nova Scotian Wine scene, and Jacopo Mazzeo unveils the secrets of Lebanese wine shaped by the land's rich history and diverse influences.

Clinton Cawood takes us to southern Italy, where a town known for its historic bread uses its wheat to make vodka. Finally, Benita Finanzio taps into her Italian roots and explores the magical Venetian cocktail scene.