The Healing Power Of Nature - Vincent Van Gogh

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The Healing Power Of Nature - Vincent Van Gogh - September Publishing

'One thing I tell you, that this countryside has the effect on me of bringing me peace, faith, courage . . .'

A captivating collection of lesser-known images, chosen largely from sketchbooks and letters. The Healing Power of Nature is testament to the immense influence the natural world had on Vincent van Gogh; from the restorative, calming effect of rural landscapes to the stimulation and joy he found in natural beauty.

Each image is accompanied by an insightful quote from his letters, showing how nature is a source of great healing and inspiration to us all, connecting us with the peace and beauty of our surroundings and with a sense of something even greater.

'. . . I console myself by reconsidering the sunflowers.'

About The September Van Gogh Collection:

A captivating collection of lesser known images, chosen largely from sketchbook and letters, by Vincent Van Gogh. 

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