The Fall (and my Camera)

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'The Fall (and my camera)' is a documentation of four meetings between danish photographer Lars Schwander and the British band The Fall.

72 never before seen outtakes, by “the worlds’ best photographer” according to Mark E Smith, of sessions that ended up on the covers for Call For Escape Route EP and Bend Sinister.

“We all go outside, into the daylight, and I look for a spot with a uniform background. I find a wall at the side of the SAS Hotel, but it’s not the large single-coloured surface that I’m looking for. There are these cubes behind, the concrete elements of the building, that somehow give one great rhythmic structure. Like a great Fall track, the structure initially feels like a nuisance, but later I have to admit it has given the images a distinctive language. The photos express themselves, and are of their moment. You never doubt that they came from this session, this time, this place.”

The photos are accompanied by an essay by Lars Schwander and Michael Flack.