The Drawer #23 - Portraits

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The Drawer #23 - Portraits - Autumn/Winter 2023 - Revue de dessin
"The Drawer n° 23 brings together, around the theme of portraiture, the drawings and contributions of around twenty artists and creators.
With Sophie Barber, Neïla Czermak Ichti, Gabrielle Danchick, Mattia Denisse, Julie Doucet, Adrien Fregosi, Alice Guittard, Arturo Herrera, Joseph de Lapaillone, José Lerma, Julien Meert, Mieko Meguro, Florent Morin, Jérôme Mulot, Danielle Orchard, Jacopo Pagin , Gábor Pintér, Laurent Poléo-Garnier, Stefan Rinck, Saint Brush, Marijke Vasey, Mo Vleeshouwers, Jenny Watson, William Wegman, Robin Wen.
A magazine made up of drawings and devoted to drawing, The Drawer leaves the floor and the field – almost – free to the “drawers” ​​alone, bringing together the drawings and written contributions of around thirty artists and creators every six months.
In English, “the drawer” means “the drawer”. It also designates “the one who draws”. Assuming the polysemy of its title, the magazine The Drawer could therefore be seen as a “drawing drawer”. Which in a certain way it is: a magazine entirely made up of drawings and devoted to drawing, which can be opened and closed at will, finally conducive to the most unexpected associations, The Drawer therefore lives up to its name." – Text translated from French
  • Please note this magazine is published in French and English
  • Hardcover magazine
About The Drawer:

The Drawer is a bi-annual review dedicated to drawing. A field for play, expression and creation based on a common theme, the 15th volume of The Drawer brings together around thirty artists and designers.

Celebrating the practice of drawing in the broadest possible way, The Drawer publishes work from artists (visual artists, illustrators, designers, architects) as well as less obvious creators (singers, authors, musicians, choreographers, directors). Each issue is themed around the title of a book, film or piece of music, selected for its creative potential.

 Visual above all, The Drawer is meant to be contemplated, browsed and consulted, rather than read. As a drawer of drawings, a portable exhibition, a miniature collection of graphic art, The Drawer’s sole ambition is to share the miracles and joys of drawing.