Sluice #16 - Vernacular

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Sluice #16 - Vernacular

What does art look like when in dialogue with environmental, geographical, political and ethical considerations? An art of dissent, an art against the status quo. Is the artist, curator-led, non-profit, independent-minded sector simply a strategy of self-empowerment or does the artist-led sensibility utilise and inhabit a singular idiosyncratic language, a territorial specificity? A visual and organisational vernacular orientated towards the interests of self-organising artists and curators as opposed perhaps to the market or the institution? And if so, what does it – or what could it – look like?

These are the questions the Sluice 2024 expo seeks to uncover. Having been spurred by the location and cultural history of Essex and East Anglia in the east of England, the setting of the 2024 Sluice expo.

The Spring/Summer 2024 edition of Sluice magazine looks at artist-led production from various angles to map what art looks like when untethered from the market and orientated towards other concerns.

Gravel Clay and Saltmarsh by Ben Coode-Adams
Becoming Part of the Architecture: Embedded Artistic Research by Jonathan Orlek, Stu Burke, Julia McKinlay, Victoria Sharples and James Thompson
Soft Radicle by Niki Colclough Perla Ramos
Possible Worlds by Josh Hall
The Craft by Alistair Gentry
All is Touch, All is Thought by Giuseppe Marasco
artist interviews artist: Annabel Dover Karen Densham
Essex Neck by Matthew Stock


About Sluice:

Sluice is an intitiative - run by artists and curators - which assumes the form of a collaborative, provocative artwork. The authors of which are everyone that comes into contact with the project. Sluice has existed since 2011, we strategically adopt structures in order to showcase artists, curators and emergent discourse, projects and galleries. We have been an anti-artfair, an international expo, a gallery, residency, film prize and magazine. Sluice is non-profit. All income from merchandise and publications are ploughed straight back into enabling our activities.