Senet #14 - Spring 2024

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Senet #14 - Spring 2024

The 14th issue of Senet magazine. Featuring:

• A special split-run cover, inspired by the game Art Society (choose your favourite!)
• A deep dive into The Prisoner’s Dilemma, the 1950 thought experiment which has inspired so many games.
• A journey through the art of Brazilian board-game illustrator Weberson Santiago.
• An exploration of Dungeons & Dragons’ various board-game incarnations, on the 50th anniversary of the legendary RPG.
• A career-spanning interview with David Thompson, one of the designers behind the Undaunted series of deckbuilding wargames, including details on the sci-fi spin-off Undaunted: Callisto.
• Previews of such exciting games as FLOE, Tibetana and Nature.
• Reviews of the latest releases, including Daybreak, Art Society and The Fox Experiment.
• The Hive World Champion revealing his game-winning tips.
• Shelf of Shame with Meeples Abroad.
• The latest instalment of Tristan Hall’s game-designer diary.
• An all-new puzzle by Ira Fay.

About Senet:

"Senet is a new, independent print magazine about the craft, creativity and community of board gaming. It’s for people who love tabletop games, from those who are new to the hobby to veteran players and board-game designers. The magazine promotes board gaming as an art form. Each issue includes previews of the most exciting and intriguing upcoming games, features which explore the tabletop experience and the creative processes behind it, and reviews of the latest releases from both major and independent publishers."