Safelight Paper #2 - Sun Issue

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Safelight Paper #2 - Sun Issue

The second issue of Safelight Paper is dedicated to the Sun.

With a 'slow photography' approach, 13 artists explore the symbolism of the Sun through different type of photography.
It talks about mythology, mental health, family, climate change, hope, skin, love and many more. Poetry and words are intertwined between these topics to deepen our understanding of what the sun represents.

The published artists are : Edgar Berg, Gary Edward Blum, Nicolas Blanchadell, Lucia Buricelli, Anna Daki, Anastasia Davis, Steffen Grap, Wioletta Kulig, Ulrich Lebeuf, Faustine Martin, Tealia Ellis Ritter, Sidonie Ronfard, Txema Salvans

176 pages, printed in Berlin

Cover 1 - Anna Daki (color)
Cover 2 - Edgar Berg (black & white)

About Safelight Paper:

Based in Berlin, the magazine aims to lead photography back to its mindful roots and inspire artists to explore new perspectives through more personal, substantial and meaningful projects, placing the story at the center.
Safelight Paper is creating a space for new talent exploring relevant issues, both on a personal and collective level, including all types of photography.