Next Gen - The Cinema And Fashion Issue 2023

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The new Fashion Issue

Our " Fashion Issue " insert has been added to the pages on the Cinema theme , edited for this issue by Antonio Mancinelli , who has developed a theme - that of communities - on which various fashion services and stories to read revolve; starting from the new dandies, passing through the black creatives born in Italy, up to sustainable fashion.

As Mancinelli himself writes: « Today, communities can take many forms: from small, close-knit neighborhoods to extensive online networks that connect individuals around the world and, regardless of size or scope, provide a platform for individuals to engage, cooperate and prosper together. Through this singular synergy, appearance and collegiality become vehicles of political expression and an instrument of self-realization that contribute to promoting the ideal of a more inclusive, democratic and respectful society ."

And precisely with the idea of ​​leaving a mark is the community of activists identified by the Toledo Sisters , who think of " meaningful " fashion and for this reason they have selected 10 influencers who, by dedicating their lives to an important cause, also improve their lives every day. our. These 10 characters use social media to disseminate and win rights for everyone . They found associations that focus on the respect and uniqueness of the person, of any gender, orientation, origin and background.

They believe, but above all they demonstrate with their actions, day after day, that building is more powerful than destroying, that loving is more beautiful than hating and that the right time to make a dream come true is always now! A project which, together with all the stories in this issue, I hope will inspire all generations and in particular the Next Gen!