M+R Triple Hole Magnesium Pencil Sharpener

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M+R Triple Magnesium Metal Pencil Sharpener

Triangular three-hole sharpener made from milled magnesium. An unsual design, the three holes each sharpen standard width hexagonal, round or triangular pencils in a different manner.

The longest blade hole sharpens both the wood and the graphite lead at the same time - like a normal pencil sharpener. The medium height blade sharpens only the wood of the pencil leaving the graphite core exposed, whilst the shortest blade sharpens only the graphite lead of the pencil.

Removing just the wood from the lead core is probably of limited use to most people, but it can allow you to choose the length of lead to work with, and you can even shape the unsharpened lead however you need it with a stone or sandpaper. Useful for artists and calligraphers.

This triple-holed sharpener was recognised with the ISPA & Innovation Award.

Made in Germany by Mobius and Ruppert, a small family business founded in 1922 and still producing the very best of pencil sharpeners.