Lower Block - The Third Element - Steve Pyke

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Lower Block - The Third Element - Steve Pyke

A series of gritty and intimate photographs by Steve Pyke MBE that document life on the terraces in the mid 80s, taking in White Hart Lane, Highbury, Upton Park, Wembley and Filbert Street in 1985.

The limited edition A5 zine contains 31 black and white photographs across 44 pages.

Pyke’s project comes together to form a tribute from the terraces, in which through powerful and emotive words, Pyke pays tribute to his own father. Ask yourself – who introduced you to football or took you to your first match? It’s most likely, that it was your Dad.

For Pyke, like so many of his generation and before that, his relationship with his father wasn’t the easiest. There was love, but also a type of disconnect. Football though, that was the thing that brought them together and united them forever. As Pyke so eloquently puts it; “When all else fails, we turn to football… I found my father in football, it was our Third Element.”

Pyke’s powerful tribute supported by his brilliant photographs make the project instantly relatable for anyone who’s connection with football, also plays a part in the relationship they have with with their father.

Born a Leicester City supporter, Pyke’s photographic career has taken him all over the world, from football terraces around the country to red carpets and studios with some of the music industry’s most iconic stars.

  • A5
  • 44 Pages

Lower Block specialises in curating the best photographic content, celebrating football culture, lifestyle and community from around the world. It’s about authenticity. Real people and real passion.

The name, Lower Block, derives from where working class football supporters traditionally stood  – in a block in the lower tier behind one of the goals.

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