Life's A Parade - Gracie Brackstone

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Life's A Parade By Gracie Brackstone

'Life's a Parade', is an embodiment and documentation of my life over the recent years. The photo-book, which was recently featured on Dazed, is dedicated to my younger sister. The book initially came into effect after my mum passed away during lock down. My intention was to document what I was doing, whilst I wasn't home to help my family through their grief.

The book comments on queerness, activism and community and is set typically in Manchester, where I live now and London, where I grew up. I often photograph my best friends, which have become my family and at some points my brother, sister along with some beautiful strangers I have embarked upon.

The book really began to take shape a year ago, as last November I decided to do an exhibition responding to the Cost of Living Crisis, which raised £350 for Manchester South Food Bank and showcased work from over 30 Northern creatives…this led on to me starting a collective, which has grown and since we have performed in renowned venues such as The Tate Liverpool, Antwerp Mansion, VF Dalston and The Love Factory. The photo’s document my journey into the creative industry, the making of outfits, but also the struggle of emerging artists. It shows all the beautiful people involved in making ‘Life a Parade’, for me.

My best friend, XXS, started their drag journey around a year ago. She is always the star of my show- she is the main character in the book and my muse. We spent every minute we had free in the past year, typically together. It shows a journey of sisterhood and appreciation for the simpler moments in life.