Le Mile #35

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Le Mile #35 - A/W 2023

ISSUE is not merely a topic or a word—it's a universe in itself. A universe painted with countless strokes of human emotions, beliefs, and experiences.

Like a grand tapestry that hangs in the vast corridors of history and future, each thread represents a challenge, a viewpoint, an emotion. Through various lenses, some might see a problem, while others an opportunity. ISSUE is a testament to our collective human spirit that seeks to understand, address, and innovate in the face of challenges. It's the canvas that continuously evolves with our consciousness.

About Le Mile:

LE MILE Magazine is a cutting-edge publication celebrating emerging and established creatives in fashion, arts, culture, and entertainment. Readers enjoy an immersive experience as they flip through a unique collection of insightful stories and contemporary aesthetics brimming with bold and colorful content from around the globe. Within three years of its launch, the once digital quarterly publication became a biannual release available exclusively in limited edition print, now globally distributed on five continents. Over its ten years, LE MILE has gained a reputation for being one of a kind, and a rarity like that will always be in high demand.