Do Recruit - How to Find and Keep Great People

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Do Recruit -  How to Find and Keep Great People

Khalilah ‘KO’ Olokunola has an unconventional approach to hiring and retention that was forged during her time employing active gang members. As chief people officer at a progressive brewery, she looked beyond the CV to recruit the ‘whole person’; valuing traits such as loyalty, problem solving and life experience – all essential in today’s workplace.

In Do Recruit, Khalilah shares her tools and strategies for the first time. You will learn how to:

  • Rethink your ‘go to’ hiring platforms
  • Discover the real person at interview
  • Invest time and resources in onboarding
  • Let people go with kindness

With practical advice, real-world scenarios and handy ‘back-pocket scripts’, Do Recruit brings a refreshing and inclusive approach to the world of recruitment. It puts the ‘human’ back into Human Resources.

  • 180 mm × 124 mm
  • 158 paages
  • paperback