Do Present - How to Give a Talk and Be Heard

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Mark Shayler

Presentations and talks now exist forever. They sit on the internet long after you've left the stage. They need to be good. They need to be compelling. They need to help you grow your business. As you reach the end of your presentation, you want to know that you did your best. And to do that, you have to do two important things.

One, find your voice. And two, find the confidence to share it. They are simple things, but not easy. Sometimes we get in our own way. We convince ourselves that we aren't very good at speaking in front of an audience. Not true, by the way. But if we keep telling ourselves that, sooner or later we begin to believe it. The other area that we struggle with is being ourselves. Odd, because we do it every day. But when we get on stage, we become this other person. Less funny. Less human. Less engaging. Do Present will show you how to find your voice.

How you can stand out and how to leave the audience informed, entertained and uplifted. And learn to love the performance. Discover: - How to stand and move around the stage comfortably - How to use slides that don't look like slides, how to talk without slides, and how to go off-script - How to read the audience Becoming a great speaker is not about following a method. It's not about rules. It's about finding your true voice. It's about understanding what you want the audience to do and feel afterwards. Ultimately, it is all about being you.

• 121 mm × 177 mm
• 128 pages
• Date of Publication: 2020