Do Make - The Power of Your Own Two Hands

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James Otter

We are all makers. From our morning cup of coffee to a family meal or something more artistic, we find it satisfying to create something that didn't exist before. In Do Make, James Otter - who makes award-winning wooden surfboards - invites us to reconnect to our creative selves and start making again. He encourages us to consider the materials used and to question what we are making and why.

As he guides us through the process involved, the seemingly complex is broken down into manageable chunks. And as the quest for perfection is put to one side, we learn to enjoy the process. Shaping. Moulding. Chopping. Carving. Our hands connect us to the natural materials, our physical environment, and back to ourselves.

Through the simple act of making we become grounded and more centred. Happier and more purposeful. Hands, fingers and fingertips. Isn't it time to make your mark on the world?


• 120 mm × 178 mm
• 144 pages
• Published: 2020