Do Listen - Understand What's Really Being Said. Find a New Way Forward

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Bobette Buster

Why is it that we seem astonished, even grateful, when someone really listens to us? When they lean in and give us their time and attention.

How has this basic act become such a rare commodity? Has social media ‘broadcasting’ really marked the end of conversation and listening?

Over two decades, story consultant Bobette Buster has listened to well over 10,000 stories. In doing so, she observed that active listening could have a transformative effect - on both the speaker and the listener. It led to deeper connections, generated moments of wonder, and even helped to overcome insurmountable differences.

Do Listen is about rediscovering the lost art of listening. With expert wisdom, simple exercises, film references and compelling stories, it will hone this essential skill – and positively impact your conversations and relationships. Yes, listening can take time. It can be uncomfortable. Yet it can also be a strategy. And sometimes, it will be the most important thing you ever do.  

What if we each took five minutes a day to actively listen? How might our world change?