Do Agile - Futureproof Your Mind, Stay Grounded

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Tim Drake

It is easy to stay in the comfort zone of how we see and engage with the world around us, and our relationships with other people. But like most things, even our mind (or mindset) needs an occasional recharge in order to stay sharp, agile and relevant.

Do Agile will help us update our thinking and be more open to change - without compromising our core values. Building on decades of theory that the mindsets we choose to adopt are directly related to the satisfaction we get out of life, Do Agile focuses on 5 core areas: People, Work, Income, Learning, and Giving. Practical and accessible, it provides a toolkit to help us build positive mindsets to address the challenges, setbacks and opportunities we all face.

Do Agile will: Give autonomy and positive control of your life Allow you to take a wider and more informed view of the world Keep your thinking sharp and agile By gaining perspective and focusing our thinking, we find decision making becomes easier and we can move forward in all aspects of our life.

• 120 mm × 178 mm
• 144 pages
• Published: 2020