BagMag #1 - The Iconic Issue

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BAGMAG is a teen magazine for adult readers who are curious about fashion, culture, and ideas.

It is an annual publication designed to fit every bag and match every occasion.

What started as personal research became BAGMAG: a printed carrier of theories and conversations exploring one theme at a time.

The inaugural issue focuses on the notion of “iconic” as a self-sustained genre in art, media, and the everyday.

Via essays, editorials, interviews, and short fiction stories, BAGMAG invites you to build your own opinion. 14 texts. 158 images. 84 pages of original content.

BAGMAG is created by Elizaveta Federmesser – artist, writer, and creative consultant, specializing in fashion and its context.

    84 pgs, 31 × 21.7 cm, Softcover, 2024,