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"Athletica features a community of artists from all around the world, artists vary from athletes, dancers, performers and workers. These artists are presented through fashion and documentary series.

Athletica is an active, elegant, healthy, arty and stylish publication, all about physical expression featuring on subjects from motocross, contemporary dance, gymnastics, martial arts, and even military training!"

(R)EVOLUTIONS Against the wind of reaction blowing over French politics, against the going to war in Ukraine and elsewhere, killing and putting millions on the roads of exodus, our way at Athletica of doing politics is to always present you with singular personalities, from all walks of life, with multiple identities. Kery James, Thierry Frémaux, Dali Benssalah, Regina Demina, Mès Lesne, Janie, Enzo Lefort. "Revolution", as the race of the Earth around its star says the emergence, the upheaval, the radical novelty; marks political and cultural changes. Between evolution, revolution, questioning and reinvention, we open our pages to a new impetus of protean and joyful creation. In this dark time, movement! Discover our number MODE, POP, SPORT and ENGAGE A SPECIAL BIKE FILE with Kilian Bron, Marie Patouillet, Matthias Dandois, Jacques Anquetil, Hugo Toumire. And it's summer in the water with surfing, swimming and wake-boarding. In nineteen shades of life, how not to see the richest of humanities. Let's open our minds and bodies. Let's move. Let's fight. RESISTANCE!" --

-Christian Lartillot Editor-in-chief.