Vandals - Winter Vanderbrink

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Vandals - Winter Vanderbrink

The new IDEA book isVANDALSby WINTER VANDENBRINK. It is the most exciting - and easilythe best - urban youth / fashion details / street photography book of all time and, at 400+ pages,it is not shy about it either! It's huge. There are hundreds of photographs. They are all completelywonderful. Individually, every adolescent kid photographed possesses an inherent insoucianceand cool. Put them all together - wow! Winter Vandenbrink, Dutch born, Paris based, long lensmaster photographer, has an extraordinary eye andflair for capturing these VANDALS. No oneelse takes photographs quite like this. It is all quite brilliant.

This is what you get. Kids in close up. In eye-catching eyewear and peach tea accessories. This isParis / any European city now. All the kids wear the same street and sportswear brands and yet,somehow, they are all their own person. Winter draws out the unique qualities in mannerisms,movement and expressions. The VANDALS pictures are candid. Winter can stage thesephotographs for advertising and editorial and he is very, very good at it but these pictures aredocumentary. VANDALS is the everyday iconography that only Winter sees:

"I simply like to cover the whole spectrum of adolescence and its transformational process, looking specifically for instances of friendship and togetherness."

  • Designed by Jamie Reid Studio
  • Text by Sean Thor Conroe
  • 26 x 21cm
  • 440 pages
  • published by IDEA
  • First edition of 500 copies

IDEA Books, founded by Angela Hill and David Owen, is a distinguished publishing house specialising in rare, vintage, and out-of-print books on fashion, photography, and design. Hill, with her extensive background in fashion and photography, and Owen, with his experience in journalism and design, have made IDEA a vital resource for creatives worldwide. Initially a niche retailer, it has expanded to include exclusive publications and branded merchandise, with a presence in major cities like New York, LA, Tokyo, and Paris, continuing to inspire and influence the visual culture landscape.

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