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Toyo Steel Trunk Shape Toolbox - Silver

The Toyo Steel T-190 Tool Box is a lightweight, portable, and stackable addition to any desk, making it perfect for protecting small stationery items or tools. This box, in a stylish trunk shape, is also great for on-the-go use.

These hardy boxes are pressed from a single plate of steel, giving them a seamless look and making them super durable. 

  • Exterior measures: 203 x 109 x 56mm
  • Interior measures: 186 x 88 x 41mm

Toyo Steel, founded in 1969, was a pioneer in developing deep drawing technology for creating seamless steel toolboxes from a single sheet of steel. Their products have received recognition through the “Good Design Award” and “Long Life Design Award” and have been highly esteemed for over 50 years.