Silvine Pocket Notebook - Pack of 3 (Plain)

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Silvine Pocket Notebook - Pack of 3

With you wherever you go for whenever inspiration strikes. Small enough to fit in your shirt pocket to take with you anywhere.

Pocket from Silvine Originals, your perfect pocket companion which you can take wherever you go. Small enough to fit in your pocket, which means you can jot down those all-important ideas even when you’re on the move.

Comprising of 40, 110mm x 72mm plain paper pages.

Hand-stitched spines with fully furnished ends means that your pocket book won’t unravel in even the most challenging of circumstances.

The 90gsm natural white wove plain paper gives you even more freedom than those with margins, meaning you are unrestricted with the ideas you can put forward. It may be small in size, but it’s huge in potential and can store any big idea.

  • 40 plain pages
  • 110mm x 72mm
  • Hand-stitched spine
The Silvine Originals collection celebrates a true British icon in the world of notebooks. Don’t worry if you don’t immediately recognise the name - you’ll remember our look. You may remember the classic notebook - a trusted favourite amongst carpenters, builders, designers, butchers and shopkeepers.

Hidden in the depths of the Silvine archive, we found samples of these incredible books from across the years. That was when we decided to pay homage to what these books have stood for over the decades. They are engineered to perfectly meet the needs of those who use them. This is when Silvine Originals was born. 

Each one is made in the same factory using machinery that has been making our books for six generations. Of course, times have changed and so have our processes, but our Silvine Originals collection still retains everything that made them so iconic. From perforated pages to hand-finished binding for extra durability, we put in all the extra effort to ensure that you enjoy a high-quality product.