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+ Maisie Williams by Jesse Glazzard, Miles Greenberg by Clifford Prince King, Memphy by Ivar Wigan, Lindsay Vrckovnik by Jason Nocito, Lex Peckham by Erika Long, and Nick Sethi. 

Featuring creative director Andrew Makadsi, Wendy Tividad of Pure Heart Sessions, indie punk singer-songwriter Ekkstacy, Hackney-born rapper John Glacier, a series of original works by artist Gabrielle K. Brown, and a conversation between legendary curator Hans Ulrich Obrist and sociologist Nikolaj Schultz.

Founded as a print magazine in New York City in 2014, office is a global media network designed to subvert convention with an unorthodox approach to fashion and creative culture at large. office is an experience and a creative community as much as a media source, using its bi-annual print publication, digital platform, events and social space to highlight subversive, unexpected artists and cultural figures alongside high visibility talent from intersecting industries across fashion, fine arts, sports, music and more.