Stalogy Low-Viscosity Oil-Based Ink Ball Point Pen

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Stalogy Low-Viscosity Oil-Based Ink Ball Point Pen, 0.7 tip

Discover the Stalogy Low-Viscosity Oil-Based Ink Ballpoint Pen, a perfect blend of stylish design and effortless writing. This pen showcases Stalogy's dedication to quality, providing an incredibly smooth writing experience. Its unique low-viscosity ink effortlessly glides over paper, making it ideal for intricate Japanese script as well as flowing English prose. The nonslip grip ensures a steady hold for comfortable writing sessions. Works beautifully with all kinds of paper, and especially well with Stalogy 365 notebooks. 

  • Ball point pen with non-slip grip
  • Especially designed to ensure comfortable writing
  • Low-viscosity oil-based ink makes writing smooth
  • 0.7 medium tip

Stalogy has revolutionised the world of stationery, elevating it to new heights through their Japanese design philosophy. By removing unnecessary elements, they have created products that, according to their slogan, "what should have been, is."