Kaweco Skyline Sport Macchiato - Fountain Pen

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Iconic stationery brand Kaweco have been manufacturing pens and pencils in Germany since 1883.

In the 1930s Kaweco created the Sport line of chunky hexagonal pens which became an enduring classic. The Kaweco Sport range is "small in the pocket, large in the hand."

The Sport is a true pocket pen - concealing most of its length inside its own cap. When the cap is attached to the back of the pen the Sport instantly becomes very usable in size.

  • Fountain pen (Macchiato)
  • Water based ink (1 Blue Ink Cartridge Included)
  • Steel Nib and Iridium Tip for Ink
  • Nib thickness: 0.9 mm
  • Pocked sized
  • Measures 10.5 x 1.4 cm (When closed)
  • Measures: 13 x 1.4cm (When open)
  • Weights 20g
  • Ink Cartridges in Black/Blue also available (see other listings)
  • Available in multiple colours (see other listings)