Zweikommasieben #25

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The 25th issue of zweikommasieben magazine reflects on various aspects of what fandom entails.

"The new edition features a text by DeForrest Brown Jr. dedicated to the multiple talents of Dawn Richard: an exploration of why fans could be drawn to her practice. Jasmin Hoek visits a new museum in Amsterdam that is dedicated to techno and club culture to investigate whether such an institution can be true to something we all have been fans of. In Anna Froelicher’s interview with Price, the artist elaborates on how he plays with both institutions’ and fans’ conceptualization of his music.

Starting a magazine as a fan implies a particular way of producing that is hands-on and characterized by a DIY mentality. While fanzines are imagined to result in simple products, the new edition of zweikommasieben shows just the opposite. Inspired by techniques like photocopying, the magazine represents a complex composition: pages can be taken apart, rearranged, and all content works in a poster format. Next to reading about your favorite artists, you can pin every article on your bedroom wall to admire them."