West Sumatra

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Bianca Tschaikner

‘West Sumatra’ by Bianca Tschaikner is a reproduction of a travel sketchbook looking at the intricacies of the Minangkabau culture of West Sumatra, Indonesia. The book is a mixture of text and sketches, consolidating thoughts on travel and recording of the details of a journey.

The journal looks at the Matrilineality followed by Minangkabau culture which sees the lineage of kinship through the female line. ‘this book is about my stay with the Minangkabau in West Sumatra, the biggest matriarchal tribe of the world. It’s full of of sketches, notes and poems inspired by my stay there, a travel book and a personal diary at the same time.’ explains Bianca.

‘Now, I make my sketchbooks a bit more with a reader in mind, and they have much more text than before, especially my last one which I made in West Sumatra, which is based on a pretty systematic and research on the Minangkabau culture, a which is a little less dreamy and spontaneous than my other sketchbooks but probably easier to understand.’ – Bianca Tschaikner

  • 245mm x 185mm
  • 58 Pages

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