Venomcult Travel Candle - Feels

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Venomcult Travel Candle - Feels - Rose Petals and Freesia

220g soy wax candle | burn time approximately 45+ hours.


Nectareous honeysuckle and sweet freesia help make this a beautifully rounded yet floral fragrance. Delicate notes of fresh white rose petals are underpinned by a smooth base of vanilla flower.

Smells like: a perfect sunset in your private meadow. Catching forever feelings.
Notes: white rose, freesia, honeysuckle, lily of the valley & vanilla flower.
Ingredients:  100% all-natural soy wax. Organic wooden wick, with a blend of paraben-free and vegan-friendly fragrance and essential oils.

Our hardwearing and fit-in-your-bag vegan travel candles are perfect for taking your favourite scents with you on the move or as a statement accessory at home. The tins can be recycled, just remove the remaining wax and pop it in the recycle bin. All VENOMCULT candles are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

About Venomcult:

"We make luxury home fragrances that excite, arouse and stimulate. Inspired by intimate moments, created to connect on a deep sensory level. Of all the senses, scent reigns supreme in conjuring memories, stirring emotions and bringing our innermost desires to the surface. Find out how far fragrance can take you.

We are a queer founded brand and our fragrances are non-binary and made for everyone. Our products are designed to make you feel bold, confident and sexy. Light your wax, stir your oil and turn up the heat."

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