Unorthodox - Dee Calf

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Dee Calf, 250g bag

  • Origin - Huila, Colombia
  • Prosess - Washed
  • Notes - Orange, Brown Sugar, Malty

If you'd like your beans ground, please specify for what method in the notes section at checkout.

"Decaf is done either at the farm or in a factory by steaming the raw green beans before adding a fluid derived from fermented sugarcane which extracts over 99% of the caffeine. Finally the beans are dried back to 10-12% moisture before being transported to Scotland.

Decaffeination is not an easy process but it’s improved so much over the last few years that finally we can be confident in drinking a super tasty cup of coffee without the jitters. For us at Unorthodox Roasters we are thirsty for coffees that actually deliver an exciting flavour profile. This one really does."

Unorthodox Roasters is a Scottish roastery with coffee shops in both Stirling and Kinross.