The Road Rat #16 - Spring 2024

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The Road Rat Magazine - Issue 16 - Spring 2024

A Porsche Turbo bonanza, with Mel Nichols on driving the very first 911 Turbo in 1974 and exclusive access for The Road Rat to Porsche's archive; plus Lotus V-P of Design Ben Payne on the boundary-breaking beauty of the original Esprit; Richard Meaden celebrates the Mk1 (and Mk7.5) Golf GTI; Estevan Oriol on LA's lowrider scene of the ’90s; Michael Harvey on Ferrari's remarkable sports car racing comeback with the 499P; Stephen Bayley on the dream of the SUV; and Paul Horrell on the Audi TT.

About The Road Rat:

The Road Rat is a new kind of car magazine. Not overly obsessed with the detail of old cars nor over-impressed with the performance of new; the Road Rat instead firmly believes there are good stories — real stories, stories to consume with relish — in both old and new and in racing too. But above all The Road Rat believes in the glory of magazines; lush, beautiful, valuable, collectable and exquisitely crafted magazines.