The Movement Movement #00

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The Starting Line

"Our 00 issue is an exploration of sport and movement by women voices across the globe. At The Starting Line, we celebrate starting anew, starting from scratch and re-starting all over again; something that rings true to all of us – athletes, sports-doers and those who identify as neither – following a couple of years like no other across the globe.

This issue explores body image, disability, chronic illness, winning, losing, solitude and togetherness, leaning into the dualities that make sport and movement all that it is. Our cover story features England Rugby & Saracens player, Poppy Cleall, alongside her first person account on starting again following the postponement of the Rugby World Cup."

  • A4 print magazine on recycled paper, designed in London.

"The Movement Movement is a new independent print magazine.

It is an entirely inclusive space for all women and non-binary people to celebrate movement in all its forms, from professional sport to whatever ways we move in our everyday lives.

This magazine is built to change narrative around sport and give women the platform to tell their own stories on movement - whatever it means to us - for the first time in the indie mag space."