The Arnold Circus Stool - Martino Gamper

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Author/ Editor: Martino Gamper and Åbäke

The story of a stool, from its origin as a necessary furniture to repopulate a disused park in East London to becoming an ubiquitous sight in international art centres and people's homes in New Zealand or Korea. Martino Gamper's Arnold Circus Stool accompanies its creator and the friends around him on a decade of local going global in colourful fashion.

  • With texts by Cornelia Parker, Robin Hatton-Gore, Anna Salaman, Alex Klein, Michael Marriott amongst others.
  • Design: Åbäke 

  • Printed by: SYL, Spain
  • First published: 2022
  • First Edition: 3500 copies
  • Pages: 96
  • Width: 115 mm 

  • Height: 165 mm

  • Cover: Soft
  • Language: English