Skateism #9

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Spring/Summer 2022

About Issue 9:

"It has been five years since we published the first issue of Skateism. A very long five years. Back then, we really didn’t know what to expect or how it was going to end up. But, nine issues later, we’re still here and it’s incredible to see all the changes that have happened within the skateboarding community since our first issue. The birth of skate collectives, safe spaces and organisations around the world continues to rise, as well as the number of people trying to make this a better space for everyone.

People such as Briana King, using her platform to introduce beginners to skateboarding and to create a loving community, or Nora Vasconcellos, one of the best female skaters who is continuously inspiring older and younger generations. Nestor Judkins who, through his organisation Salad Days, is supplying skateboards and equipment to areas without access to skate shops and introducing something new to an entire society and Brian Anderson, a name that changed the game within the LGBTQIA+ skate community when he came out. Sarah Meurle, combining her two passions, skateboarding and photography or Jessika Alexander who is bridging the gap between training and skateboarding and her aim is to help skateboarders be able to skate forever. And let’s not forget important organisations such as Skateistan, Free Movement SB and Concrete Jungle Foundation, collectives like UCANSKATE and Neighbourhood Skate Club, empowering women through skateboarding, or various skaters based in Australia who are challenging stereotypes that have been set over the years and are opening pathways through their communities, like Nick Hayes, Chloe Covell, Riley Pemberton, Luke O’Donnel, Lily Turek, Chad Ford and Sarah Huston.

All of those people (and many more, the list is endless) inspire us every day to do better and to keep going. The same as all of you, our readers and supporters. You inspire us to continue doing what we do, so, thank you for that.

Our 9th issue is out now, and focuses on the stories of all people and organisations mentioned above."


About Skatism:

"SKATEISM is skateboarding’s DIY & diversity driven platform for journalism, events and activism. Founded in Athens in 2012 as an online magazine, SKATEISM became an internationally distributed printed publication in 2017 with a dedicated network of contributing skateboarders who believe that it is our celebrated differences and dedications that bring us together. In the homogenous industry of skateboarding today, SKATEISM is a platform for the underground and overlooked, the weird and the wonderful."