Sheffield 1991 - 1992 #1 - Uwe Bedenbecker

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Sheffield 1991 - 1992 #1 - Uwe Bedenbecker

I was born and grew up in Essen, Germany, and later studied in Duisburg: Both cities are in the Ruhr area and have a long industrial history and in common that they underwent a structural change in the period from the 70s to the 90s. When I came to Sheffield in September 1991 to study at Sheffield City Polytechnic for almost 6 months as part of a semester abroad, I found many of the views and the atmosphere comparable to Essen and Duisburg. In my free time I roamed the city centre and the outskirts of Sheffield with my camera. More than 30 years after my stay, the photos are now published for the first time.

  • 36 pages
  • printed in England
  • staple bound
  • 14cm x 20cm

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