Rollacoaster Winter 2023

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Rollacoaster Magazine Winter 2023

JULIA FOX  - “I think even though [Down The Drain] is definitely a pretty wild ride, it’s not that unique. I feel like so many people – specifically women and girls – will be able to relate to an aspect of it or have been through something similar. I guess I just want to lead by example and be someone who can say, ‘Look, you can go through all this stuff and not let it define you. You define you. You can decide your path.’ I want people to know you don’t have to give people who have trespassed your path any agency over your existence. I don’t want you to let those people win and have that over you. I hold my own narrative, it’s in my hands.” 

With a past underscored by an exponential rise to the silver screen, fashion and pop culture supremacy, dating prolific – though often toxic – men, and a history of agonising substance abuse, Julia Fox’s name has embarked on a “Rollacoaster” all of its own. Set to tell her story, her way, the 33-year-old covers our Winter 2023 issue, talking on her now-released memoir, Down The Drain, the stories that didn’t make it to print, her road to recovery and forgiveness and her big plans for the future.