NTSM Sketches 2009-2011

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James Unsworth

"This is the ninth of twelve publications that will be published monthly throughout 2021. Each publication covers a different project or theme from the past 15 years of me taking photographs and making work.

This months publication collects all of the preparatory sketches for the Ninja Turtle Sex Museum publication from 2010 as well as some examples of source material.

This publication will be extra interesting if you already own the out of print Ninja Turtle Sex Museum, you’ll be able to recognise the compositions and compare these initial sketches to the finished published drawing.

Enjoy this insight into the process behind the making of my drawings, it’s the first time any of these images have been published. I’m glad they’re out there and not still sitting in a book on my bookcase."

• A5
• 56 pages
• 150gsm uncoated recycled paper