November 2006

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James Unsworth

This is the eleventh of twelve publications that will be published monthly throughout 2021. Each publication covers a different project or theme from the past 15 years of me taking photographs and making work.

Here’s a collection of photographs and journal entries from fifteen years ago.

All these photos were taken with a 6 Megapixel SONY Cyber Shot DSC-T9 that I applied a self adhesive fake walnut burr veneer to, it survived being dropped multiple times. I still have it in storage somewhere.

I was writing the journal entries on my HTC Universal Windows Mobile Phone, trying to get into the habit of writing more regularly. The phone didn’t function very well but it was the first phone I had with a qwerty keyboard and that’s what allowed these journals and writings to exist.

What I first noticed about reading this text from fifteen years ago is how poor, miserable and angry I was. I actually thought I had a boss time but the writing doesn’t seem to back that up.

Have a peep, it might bring back some memories or it might be a window into a time before you were around.

Signed and numbered first edition of 100 copies

A5, 60 full colour pages, staple bound, 150gsm uncoated recycled paper