Nomad #10

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Nomad is a magazine for design and society. It views design as a process of shaping the future and as a catalyst for social developments and individual lifestyles. It seeks to change the perspective of design from its status as something extraordinary to a more run-of-the-mill concept, as this gives rise to natural appreciation.

Alongside a focus on the end result of the design process and the designers themselves, other aspects are explored through which the effects and future potential of design culture for individuals and society as a whole are investigated within the framework of a broader understanding of design.

This issue: 'In our 10th issue, we focus on ‘Nature’-from matters of ethics to matters of innovation. We asked ourselves what dimensions we need to look beyond in order to understand nature; how human beings can resume their position as part of the organism that is nature, instead of playing the role of its disruptive factor; and what we can learn from nature in order to preserve our existence as a species.'