Lower Block- This Is Anfield - Alex Amorós

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Lower Block- This Is Anfield - Alex Amorós - Football Culture

A photo documentary by Alex Amorós on the area of Anfield, home to Liverpool FC.

  • Limited edition A5 zine
  • 25 colour photographs across 22 pages


    About Lower Block:

    Lower Block specialises in curating the best photographic content, celebrating football culture, lifestyle and community from around the world. It’s about authenticity. Real people and real passion.

    The name, Lower Block, derives from where working class football supporters traditionally stood  – in a block in the lower tier behind one of the goals.

    Our vision, passion and mission is to ensure not only that great photography is used, used well and seen by the right audience, but that photographers, photojournalists and content creators reach their full potential, and continue to inspire others to do the same.