Interlope #4 - Autumn 2023

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Interlope #4 - Autumn 2023


  • rebecca marder
  • suki
  • ser serpas
  • ceval
  • jordan firstman
  • lcy
  • klein
  • georgia may jagger
  • & lots more!

Language: English and French

About Interlope (translated from French):

In the French language, interlope designates something fishy , ​​suspicious – whose activity arouses suspicion . This is the term that a neighbor of the editorial staff used to describe those who visited them, and whose extravagance and freedom he had little liking for. This is also the editorial line of this new magazine focused on the margins of creation. Musicians preferring shadows to mud, writers without avowed alibis, photographers without lenses and crippled with strobes, INTERLOPE wants to be the meeting point between subversive positions and new visions. As the editorial of this first issue specifies, INTERLOPE imagines itself in perpetual change, and declares itself to be interested in everything except morals that are trustworthy, initialed, irreproachable and dressed to the nines.