Herb Lubalin - American Graphic Designer 1918 - 1981

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Herb Lubalin

“Here’s another gem from Unit Editions. This book covers Herb Lubalin from his beginnings in advertising, to his status as one of the most influential graphic designers of the last century.”
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“The subject of the book is Herb Lubalin – one of the most loved, influential and renowned American graphic designers – who up till now has been poorly represented in print. At close to 500 pages this hardback tome is not for the faint-hearted, but it surely deserves a spot on every studio/designers shelf (alongside Bass, Rand, Dorfsman & Glaser).”
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“Herb Lubalin admirers have waited a long time for a reassessment of his achievement and it’s been clear for a decade or more that typographic taste has re-embraced once unfashionable Lubalinesque styles. Detailed research leads Adrian Shaughnessy to conclude, in a long, adroitly paced biographical essay, that Lubalin was a far more noteworthy and less commercially driven figure than he imagined when he threw out his old copies of U&lc. Unit Editions’ book, designed by Spin, is a gorgeous, meticulously reproduced compendium that does everything in its power to win over the unconverted to Lubalin’s cause.”


• 217 mm × 280 mm
• 448 pages
• Date of Publication: 2012