Hard Pack #2 - Autumn 2023

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Hard Pack #2 - Ski Magazine - Autumn 2023
The second issue of HARD PACK includes a constellation of stories, essays, and images that act as a dialogue between the sport and the worlds of fashion, art, design, and literature. Each contributor brings a unique lens to the sport whether that be philosophical, humorous, or strange.
Cover by Samuel Bradley
With notable contributions by:
Kent Andreasen
Bryan Anton
Samuel Bradley
Andrea Casagrande
Tomaso Clavarino
Roberto Colombo
Niccolò Debole
Eliza Dumais
Brendan Dunne
Lara Giliberto
William Gillespie
Jeremy Greenfield
Hope Campbell Gustafson
W. David Marx
Benjamin Mercer
Carlo Mollino
Amanda Shapiro

HARD PACK is a new type of ski magazine that combines edgy reportage with cerebral writing to create a new lexicon for the sport that is weird, philosophical, and dangerously fun.