Cura #41 - New World Agency

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Cura #41 - New World Agency - Autumn/Winter 2023

Through an extensive investigation of the new productions and searches of international artists, the brand new CURA. 41, New World AgencyTM, raises questions related to the ability of art and artists to have a transformative role as regards the apparent irreversibility of the events that impact our present. In a shift between fiction and reality, New World AgencyTM explores, with a transgenerational gaze, the artists who foresaw the building of new possible worlds and new modes of agency for alternative futures. Not only AI, CGI, videogames and virtual reality, but also highly advanced analog tools, animatronics, and mechanical devices are able to forge the imaginative, creative and narrative space of artists, founding new realities, in which mythology, ghosts, topoi, fables, childhood memories, technology, pop culture and magic, intertwine in the comprehensive illusion to be in different places and in part of it.

In this issue:

  • INTRO: Text by Ian Cheng
  • DIEGO MARCON: Text by Travis Diehl
  • CÉCILE B. EVANS: Text by Asma Barchiche
  • MARK LECKEY: Text by Charlie Fox
  • MIKE KELLEY. TRAUMA ECONOMY: Text by Matt Copson
  • MIKE KELLEY. GOODBYE SUPERMAN: Text by Jean-Marie Gallais
  • AGNIESZKA KURANT: In conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist
  • HELEN MARTEN: Visual Essay
  • MARTINE SYMS: Text by Ben Broome
  • BERNADETTE CORPORATION: Text by Countersubject
  • ANNA UDDENBERG: Text by David Andrew Tasman
  • JORDAN WOLFSON: In conversation with Caroline Busta and Lil Internet
  • DANIELLE BRATHWAITE-SHIRLEY: Text by Wong Binghao (Bing)
  • GABRIEL MASSAN: Text by Tamar Clarke-Brown
  • ALICE BUCKNELL: In conversation with Sarah Johanna Theurer
  • PETE JIADONG QIANG: Text by Tadej Vindiš
  • SHUANG LI: Text by Lina Martin-Chan
  • OMSK SOCIAL CLUB: Text by Estelle Hoy
  • GRAY WIELEBINSKI: Text by Francesca Gavin
  • NDAYÉ KOUAGOU: text by Madeleine Planeix-Crocker

About Cura:

CURA. is a leading platform for critic, editorial and curatorial practice, a performing hub aimed at the investigation of the contemporary art field, the critical debate, the digital culture, and the “new now.” Through key collaborations, CURA. leads the production of a biannual international magazine, alongside the artistic direction of exhibitions, biennials, festivals, and site-specific projects, including the production of solo shows commissioned to international artists and held in the art district of Basement Roma in Rome and within its long-term nomadic exhibition program kura. in Milano.

CURA. is also engaged in editorial activity with books production, multimedia content, and multidisciplinary collaborations. CURA. was the artistic director of the Belgrade Biennale 2021, and it runs the independent projects of the Clubbing fanzine and the Display Collection, in collaboration with designers, artists, and architects.