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Contemporary Lynx Magazine 1(#17)2022

Animals: New Perspectives on Human-Animal Interactions

Even in the 21st century, we are still discovering new species of animals living alongside us. We search for new forms of life in the universe and develop artificial intelligence, yet we lack empathy towards all creatures, including our smaller companions. Particularly at the current time, a time of war, we should consider how we can act here and now. It is about time we reassessed our position not only in relation to our geopolitical neighbour, but also in relation to another neighbour that we often overlook and systematically annihilate: animals. They are the main focus of the new issue of our magazine, in which we attempt to look at the world from a non-human perspective, and will focus on topics such as animal rights, the animal as a metaphor for human affairs, behaviours, states or the perception of animals by different cultures.