Climbers #3

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Climbers #3

CLIMBERS is a passion project created by Angus Taylor and Ainhoa Martinez from Sydney, Australia.

Our goal—aside from having some fun while “flexing the creative muscles”—is to share all sorts of stories that reflect our sport’s people, culture, ideas and diverse ways of living beyond the crag or gym. Some may talk about climbing, some may not even mention it at all.


Andrew Lim
Bill Casson
Chloe Fu
Doug McConnell
Gerry Narkowicz
Gilles Puyfagès
Hamdi Hum
Hannah Vasiliades
Jacopo Larcher
Jan Virt/IFSC
Julia Cassou
Kamil Sustiak
Martina Adler
Melissa Edwards
Simon Madden
Yanni Zhou
Zali Fung
+ the publishing team

Features & interviews:

Natalie Siddique &
Ryan Pace
François Lebeau
Jake Bresnehan
Lucas Wearne
Mike Hewson

Posters featuring images by:

Ellen Meads
Bernardo Gimenez
Philip Sage (courtesy of La Sportiva)
Jon Glassberg
Tristan Casin (courtesy of SNAP)
Martin Poetter (courtesy of Edelrid)
Jacopo Larcher (courtesy of Black Diamond)