Clash #126 - Full Throttle

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Across the last decade and beyond, Vic Mensa has embarked on a spiritual journey. A path full of twists and turns, the rapper, singer and actor now comes full circle on his pivotal sophomore album, ‘Victor’.

Queens-based Eartheater is an aesthetic accelerator, an artist who is breaching the barriers placed around her. A truly unique figure in modern music, her fusion of daring, club-focussed electronics and pop’s outermost limits has resulted in a crucial elixir, a febrile amalgam of startling, raw methodologies.

There are few things Lil Silva – real name TJ Carter – hasn’t accomplished. Initially crafting seminal club anthems for pivotal imprints like Night Slugs, he graduated to become one of British music’s MVPs, working alongside such renowned artists as Adele, BANKS and Kano.

Think you know Bella Poarch? Think again. She’s a modern polymath, a future-facing digital voyager. But she’s also a kid in love with pop, in thrall to the power music can imbue in our lives. Famed for opening out beauty norms on TikTok, she’s developed an intimate relationship with her audience, while also maintaining her privacy.