Casa Brutus #286 - My Home 2024

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Casa Brutus #286 - My Home 2024

Everyone has different ways of building their own home. What kind of homes are people who are particular about their homes currently building? A book director creates an environment where you can immerse yourself in books. A cozy kitchen for cooks,

The design director created a space surrounded by carefully selected furniture and art... In-depth coverage of “building a home for everyone” that incorporates individuality everywhere!

This is a reference book for building a home that allows you to take the best parts of homes created by experts.

This is the content of the special feature!

  • A home where you can immerse yourself in books by a book director
  • A cozy kitchen designed by the chef
  • Building homes for shop owners, manga artists, etc.
  • BEST housing catalog 2024 completed in the past year
  • List of architects to pay attention to now
  • Housing news for building a house

Japanese Language

Casa Brutus is a monthly lifestyle magazine that features various themes to help readers enjoy their life.